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Etiquette Guidance


Here you can find some useful information about how to behave yourself on a date with a high class escort model

It is very important as well for you as for the escort lady of your choice that your date will be as pleasant as possible.

Therefore it is desirable that you behave in accordance to the following ESCORT ETIQUETTE during your date:

  • Your escort date will appreciate if you are clean and fresh. All of our elite escort models have a very high level of personal hygiene, they visit regularly a medical specialist and always have condoms with them.
  • Before your escort dates arrives, make sure that you have clean bed linen, liquid soap and enough clean towels for you and your escort date.
  • Always use a condom! All our escort models practice only safe sex (whether it is oral, vaginal or anal sex). This is to guarantee your safety and the safety of our escort models. Our escort models always have a good quality condoms with them, so you don’t need to provide your condoms.
  • Do not practice any unsafe sex with escort companions and do not force them in any way to have unsafe sex with you.
  • Do not use the escort service if you have suspicions that you have any STI’s (read also an article about safe sex). If the escort companion finds out that you have a STI, she has a right to cancel the booking even if the booking has already been started and you have paid for it.
  • Do not force your escort companion to drink alcohol or to use drugs.
  • Do not use too much alcohol / drugs yourself. The escort lady of your choice really wants your experience with her to be unforgettable, and this is possible when your mind is clear.
  • Be respectful with the escort girl of your choice. Make sure that the lady also has a pleasant experience, and you will fully enjoy your date. If lady does not feel comfortable enough with your requests, please do not force her. Discuss with your escort date what do you like both.
  • Never ask your escort date about her private details such as her private telephone number and her address. Ladies who work with us, are leading their daily studies and careers, so they appreciate our security and protection of their privacy and feel very uncomfortable when such questions are being asked. We provide our services very discreet, and all information provided by you to us, will remain confidential. Our ladies expect the same treatment towards them and appreciate your understanding.
  • Never give us the fake details! We treat all client information 100% anonymously. To guarantee the safety of our escort ladies, we ask you about some of your personal data, like your last name, your phone number and the address where you want to have an encounter with the escort lady. We reserve the right for ourselves to cancel the booking in case it becomes clear that the information we acquired was not correct. Having yourself blacklisted will prevent future bookings with our agency.
  • Please make sure you prepare the agreed amount of money (or have a credit card) before the escort girl arrives. We wish that your appointment will be as smooth and as pleasant as possible, and that financial matters won’t be a distraction during your date. Hence, we would ask you to pay your escort lady when she arrives. Bank transfers can also be arranged and have to take place prior to your date.


If you don’t behave according to these escort etiquette guidance, the escort model has a right to stop the booking and to leave, keeping the payment.

The escort companion may reject any sexual activity or the client if she has no comfort in providing the service.

Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you a very pleasant date with our exclusive escort models!

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