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Escort Amsterdam

Escort Amsterdam

Our lovely escort models can accompany you on a city tour around Amsterdam, introducing to you the most interesting places of the capital of Holland!

The most interesting places to see with your Escort Amsterdam

Are you in Amsterdam right now and want to have a great time? Do you miss a female companion to share the joy with? No worries, you have come to the right place. Our high class escort Amsterdam service has the most beautiful escorts who are waiting for you.

Together with your Amsterdam escort companion you can discover the capital city of Holland and do a lot of unforgettable things and visit many interesting places, such as:

  • * Amsterdam museums,
  • * sightseeing in Amsterdam,
  • * casinos of Amsterdam,
  • * cinemas with the newest movies in Amsterdam,
  • * the best coffeeshops,
  • * amazing shopping,
  • * hotels in Amsterdam,
  • * trendy restaurants for a delicious dinner with your escort companion.

Visit museums with our lovely escorts

 Visit Amsterdam Museums with your Amsterdam escort

Are you looking for an escort in Amsterdam who loves art? Then you have come to the right place. Lucky you! Our escorts are in love with the city, just as you are. Amsterdam has 37 museums, each offer very diverse permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. The largest and most renowned institutions include: Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage, Anne Frank House and Rembrandthuis.  There is also a surprising amount of smaller museums, each of which bring very different types of art and collections to Amsterdam. In recent years, photography and multimedia exhibitions have also been booming which means that you will never be bored!

Van Gogh Museum 

Visit the Van Gogh Museum in style with an escort Amsterdam by your side. Most of Vincent van Gogh’s work has never left the Netherlands, and 200 paintings and 500 drawings are on permanent exhibition in the Van Gogh Museum, designed by Gerrit Rietveld. On the second floor you can find colorful paintings which were made by Van Gogh during his stay in the South of France, among them the famous “Sunflowers”. Also on display is work by Toulouse-Lautrec and Gauguin, van Gogh’s contemporaries. So don’t wait any longer and go on exhibition tour to explore Van Gogh’s artistic development.

National Museum (Rijksmuseum)

Don’t forget to visit The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. This is by far the largest museum in the Netherlands, housed in a monumental neo-renaissance building designed by PJH Cuypers. The Rijksmuseum draws over one million visitors a year, and ranks as a major European museum of Western European painting and decorative arts. This museum is showing the finest works from its 17th century collection in the redesigned Philips Wing, under the title “The Masterpieces”. Explore more than 400 highlights from the Golden Age on display, amongst which of course Rembrandts The Night Watch. Don’t miss out on beautiful landscapes, seascapes, individual portraits, domestic scenes and more! Enjoy your visit with one of our exclusive escorts Amsterdam and get a good overview of Golden Age life in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Historical Museum 

Would you like to explore Amsterdam’s history with great company? Visit your favorite historical museum with our escort girls Amsterdam. Long ago, a small settlement on the river Amstel. Later the centre of 17th century world trade. Today a colourful international city, with its special appearance and independently minded inhabitants. The Amsterdam Historical Museum tells the compelling story of the growth and heyday of this unique city. Go on a fascinating journey of discovery down seven centuries of the city’s history, through the intimate rooms and courtyards of the former Civic Orphanage, where Amsterdam’s orphans once lived.

Dutch Resistance Museum (Verzetsmuseum)

Enjoy your day to the fullest and visit the best historical museum of the Netherlands called Dutch Resistance Museum (Het Verzetsmuseum). You will experience the mood of the war years as they take a walk through the Netherlands of before, during and after World War II.

Erotic Museum

Do you want to create a romantic atmosphere and get the best out of your day? Visit the Erotic Museum and explore erotic art throughout the centuries from the old masters to contemporary artists together with your lovely escort date!

Diamond Museum Amsterdam

How great is it to visit The Amsterdam Diamond Museum with a real diamand escort Amsterdam next to you? This museum takes you on a journey that began 3 billion years ago, 200 kilometeres under the surface of the earth, and which ends in the ring on your finger or in the pendant around your neck.  Meet specialists who transform a rough stone into a sparkling jewel and be surrounded by many famous glittering diamonds. You can learn about Amsterdam – City of Diamonds and how to distinguish a real and an imitation diamond by yourself.

The Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum

Bring one of our lovely escorts Amsterdam to this museum. Here you can find extensive documentation and historical facts about today’s use of the cannabis plant and its medicinal, religious and cultural applications. In addition, attention is given to the importance of cannabis to the environment, agriculture and industry. The museum shows that hemp has evolved to become one of Man’s most valuable raw materials used in farming.

Visit Coffeeshops with your Amsterdam Escort

  • Get the most out of your experience and visit a coffeeshop with your escort Amsterdam. A ‘coffeeshop’ can best be described as a café which does not sell alcoholic beverages and in which, under certain circumstances, soft drugs may be sold.

Tolstraat 91
One of the best in town, according to the jury of the Cannabis Cup. It has won several awards, so worth the detour from city centre.

Greenhouse is a coffeeshop on two levels, with an upstairs pool room, and a colorful interior with beautiful mosaics throughout. Relaxed atmosphere and good food, for a coffeeshop at least.

The Bulldog Palace
Leidseplein 13-17
Amsterdam’s oldest coffeeshop has gradually turned into a genuine chain of soft-drug selling tourist hangouts, including a full range of Bulldog souvenirs. This one on the Leidseplein is definitely the biggest and the loudest of them all. Ironically this building once was a police station! Though the interior frequently changes the main theme seems to be Carribean. Loud music and videos – what else would you expect?

De Dampkring
Handboogstraat 29
A must visit, this winner of several Hightimes Cannabis Cups. Though winning this prestigous award attracts a fair share of visitors from abroad, the Dampkring is all in all still very much a coffeeshop for locals, with a friendly staff which will answer any questions you might have.

Global Chillage
Kerkstraat 51
One of Amsterdam’s coolest places to chill and smoke. The mix of ambient music, colorful murals, soft lighting and the low seating create just the right atmosphere. Laid-back feel and a friendly staff. Deejays on weekends. There is no way that you will feel bored with your escort in Amsterdam!

Sightseeing on your Escort Date

Want to do something fun with your escort in Amsterdam? Below we have listed some interesting places for sightseeing in Amsterdam. You can take your escort in Amsterdam to beautiful places, to have a special and fun evening.

XtraCold Ice Café 

Tell your escort in Amsterdam to get those leg warmers on and head off to XtraCold Ice Café Amsterdam, which features over 60,000 kg of ice and ice sculptures. Styled by local interior guru Jan des Bouvrie, the cafe serves Smirnoff cocktails and Heineken extra cold beer. Once served, it’s time to chill in style.


Really want to visit a beautiful and comforting place with your escort in Amsterdam? Just off Amsterdam’s main shopping allee you’ll find the Begijnhof, a secluded court of almshouses with a quiet inner garden and the English Reformed Church in their midst.  Most of the houses were renovated during the 17th and 18th century and only one of the original medieval wooden houses remains (no 34, dated 1475). True to tradition the Begijnhof still houses the elderly poor, and this island of tranquillity is certainly worth a visit. The Begijnhof can be reached through a doorway on the Spui, or from within the Amsterdams Historisch Museum.


Be the romantic gentlemen your escort expects you to be. The canals of course are one of the major attractions of the ‘Venice of the North’. The view is by daytime already very charming, by night they become even more enchanting because a lot of the canal houses and bridges are beautifully illuminated. Visit the four main city centre canals:  Prinsengracht, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Singel. Do you and your lovely escort still have time? Then don’t forget to explore the numerous smaller canals, like the Brouwersgracht, the Bloemgracht and the Leliegracht!

Dam Square

Visit the popular Dam Square and get the most out of your escort date. The Dam is still one of the focal points of the city. Not surprising, as Dam Square is the physical center of the city ever since it was built to keep the Zuiderzee (Southern Sea) out. In the midst of the square is the Nationaal Monument, dedicated to the Dutch soldiers and members of the resistance who died during World War Two.


Leidseplein is a pleasant enough small square, flanked on three sides by bars and with a large tree-shaded terrace in the middle. This is the place to be for an abundance of fast food and to have a great night out with your escort lady! During summer the square comes alive with street performers; from jugglers and fire-eaters to percussionists, mime players and clowns.

Heineken Experience

Experience Heineken’s rich history and the tradition and craft of brewing with your vip escort Amsterdam. The former Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam, a national monument and listed in the European Route of Industrial Heritage, offers some 3000 square metres of special exhibition space. Millions of hectolitres of Heineken beer have been brewed here until 1988, when the Heineken brewery in Zoeterwoude took over production from the Amsterdam brewer.

Royal Palace

Be a real king and bring your queen to the Royal Palace on Dam Square. It was at first designed to be a city hall, until 1808 Napoleon’s brother Louis Bonaparte ruled Holland for 5 years. He thought the building fit for a king, and ever since this has been the official palace for the reigning queen or king of the Netherlands.
Except for official receptions it is not used much. In summer you can take a guided tour of the palace, the highlights of its interior being the Empire furniture Bonaparte left behind, and paintings by Rembrandt’s pupils Govert Flinck and Ferdinand Bol.

Oude Kerk (Old Church)

The oldest church of Amsterdam, it dates back to around 1250. The Old Church frequently hosts exhibitions and concerts.

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

If you want to have a magical and romantic day, then you should visit your escort Amsterdam date to The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. This is one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world. Today, there are more than 6,000 plants growing in the garden and greenhouses. The Hortus is located in the Plantage district on the edge of the hectic centre of Amsterdam. Originally, the Hortus was a medicinal herb garden, founded in 1638 by the Amsterdam City Council. At that time, herbs were of vital importance as the basis of medicines and the city had just experienced a plague epidemic. Doctors and pharmacists trained in the preparation of prescriptions at the Hortus.

De Nieuwe Kerk

De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam is famous for its much talked-about exhibitions. With hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, the church is one of the most attended exhibition locations in the Netherlands. The large-scale exhibitions on treasures from other countries, cultures and religions are a household term to many people. De Nieuwe Kerk is located in the middle of the city centre at Dam Square next to the Royal Palace.

The Sloten Windmill (Molen van Sloten)

The Sloten Windmill is a tower mill, with an octagon from 1847. It is the only mill in Amsterdam that is accessible to the public. The mill lies on the outskirts of Amsterdam, at the ring canal and sees to it that the water level in the lower lying surroundings remains below a specific level.

Red Light District

This area is famous for its window prostitution, which is legal in Holland. The windows are illuminated by red lights, hence the name. Though you might suspect otherwise this section of town isn’t really that seedy, and it’s a common sight to see a busload of tourists take an organized tour of the district. The best time to see the fluorescent red glow of the Red Light District is once the sun goes down.

Escort Rembrandtplein


This is the major ‘entertainment’ area for rowdy Amsterdammers and out-of-towners. Bars chock-a-block with people singing along to Dutch folk songs at the top of their voices, and a few large disco’s with heavy security at the door. Because all bars and disco’s close at the same moment, sometimes things get out of hand a bit. Strangely enough the square is surrounded by major gay spots and just off the square is the Halvemaansteeg, a small street packed with gay bars. No problems here, so maybe Amsterdam really is a tolerant city. Also nearby is Reguliersdwarsstraat, currently the hippest nightlife street of Amsterdam.


The Reguliersdwarsstraat is definitely the hippest street in Amsterdam, as far as nightlife is concerned. The street is a mixture of upmarket gay bars, restaurants serving expensive French cuisine, and assorted night clubs catering to a slightly older crowd of media buffs, businessmen and local celebrities. This is the best choice for a perfect night out!

Visit Casinos with your Escort Amsterdam

Holland Casino

Take some risks with your escort lady and enjoy Holland Casino. In the Netherlands, gambling is largely state-controlled. Certain games of chance such as Black Jack, Poker and Roulette may only be played in government-controlled casinos.

There are two in Amsterdam: Holland Casino at Max Euweplein (near Leidseplein) and at Schiphol Airport.

Visit Cinemas with your escort Amsterdam

Amsterdam has dozens of cinemas. So whatever your taste in films, you’re bound to find something that appeals to you.

For Hollywood blockbusters, head for the cinemas of the Pathé chain. Near Munt square you’ll find two such cinemas with several halls: Pathé De Munt and Pathé Tuschinski. The Tuschinski cinema is worth visiting for its beautiful art-deco interior alone.

There’s another mega-cinema complex near the Arena stadium: Pathé Arena. All cinemas and most cafés show a playlist of current movies.

Make your stay in Amsterdam full of fun together with your Escort Amsterdam

Make your stay in Amsterdam full of fun together with your escort

Visit the escort gallery of our gorgeous native Dutch girlfriends and make a booking.

Shopping in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has many different shopping areas which you can explore with your vip escort lady. Each has its own character,  from the hip Nine Streets – narrow streets nestled between the historic canals of the canal ring – through the luxury boutiques in grand Oud Zuid to vintage delights around Waterlooplein, soak up the vibe of the area you’re in and don’t forget to do some people-watching!

A secret survey of 30 world-famous shopping streets ranks the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam 3rd best shopping street in the world. Amsterdam‘s mini Fifth Avenue, Pieter Cornelisz (P.C.) Hooftstraat, located in the Museum Quarter neighborhood, is home to high-end classics (Chanel, Gucci, Hermés, Louis Vuitton), jewelry (Chopard, Cartier) and lifestyle stores, as well as several boutiques selling more luxury labels.

Find everything about shopping in Amsterdam here.

Take one of our high class escort companions to join you to any of these amazing shopping routes.

Hotels in Amsterdam - our Escorts Amsterdam will visit you in your hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam

There are plenty of great hotels in Amsterdam.

Our clients are mostly staying in 4-5 stars hotels or luxury apartments.

You can find some luxury Amsterdam hotels on Tripadvisor or here.

The hotels in Amsterdam mostly have an elevator card system. Our ladies can register themselves at the reception as visitors, or you can pick them up at the lobby.

Our ladies are always dressed very elegant or can be dressed casually on your request. They never dress vulgar or flashy clothes.

Please note that you don’t pay any travel expenses if you stay in Amsterdam. However outside of Amsterdam (also at Schiphol Airport) additional travel expenses will be charged.

Restaurants in Amsterdam - go for a dinner date with your Escort Amsterdam

Would you like to have a romantic dinner date in a trendy restaurant with you lovely escort Amsterdam? We will organize it for you.

You can find the best restaurants in Amsterdam here or on this top 10 restaurant list. We will reserve a table in a restaurant of your choice, and our discreet driver will pick you up at your hotel.

Our elite escort companion – the lady of your choice – will be already waiting for you in the car. She will be wearing very elegant clothes – a beautiful dress, high heels and a stylish make-up (you can also recommend which clothes she should wear).

Our taxi driver will bring you both to the restaurant, where you will have a romantic candlelight dinner.

After enjoying the dinner, our driver will bring you and our escort lady to your hotel for an unforgettable and pleasant time together.

high class escort hilversum

Nightlife in Amsterdam

Let us fulfill your Dreams and Desires

Dreams and Desires Escort Agency will provide you with elite escort models to fulfill your most pleasant dreams.

Dreams and Desires escort girls will accompany you on your dream cultural city tour and will be your companionship for any occasion!

Our high class escort models don’t look as the usual escorts. They look like groomed and sophisticated, elegant and high educated girls-next-door. So when you are going out with our escort, nobody will have any idea who is accompanying you. Everybody will think it’s your girlfriend. Of course, your escort companion will behave friendly, polite, sweet and romantic, and will please you with a real Girlfriend Experience.

Night life - have fun with Amsterdam escort companion

Amsterdam is the perfect city to help you get loose and have a little fun, especially if you are being in company with our high class escort companion.

Amsterdam has a number of good night dance clubs. Some of the most famous clubs are Jimmy Woo, a luxurious night club located near Leidseplein, The Paradiso located at Weteringschans 6–8, and The Melkweg located at Lijnbaansgracht 234 are always a good spot at weekends.

Amsterdam’s biggest and most famous house and techno music clubs are AIR and Escape.

See the full list of Amsterdam night dance clubs, festivals and events on iAmsterdam or here.

Enjoy evening drinks together with your escort Amsterdam

If you are looking for a place to have a glass of wine or some cocktails in the evening with your escort companion, please consider one of the following places:

  • * wine and champagne bar Bubbles and Wines
  • * wine bar Vyne
  • * energetic lounge bar with a great atmosphere SkyLounge Amsterdam
  • * Italian wine bar diVino
  • * cocktail bar Tales & Spirits
  • * bar and restaurant Mystique

These places have a great romantic atmosphere to share with your escort in Amsterdam!

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