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  • Mike
    Claire provides the best GFE possible.She loves to kiss and cuddle.She also loves to get as naughty as you want.She is just as sweet and kind as she is gorgeous.Initially booked for 2 hours but I kept extending until I ran out of money.Book this girl now you will not be disappointed.
  • Ray
    I’m 50, so connection is maybe more important to me. Heidi had me feel as though we were longtime companions. Had me completely relaxed and comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Beautiful woman, fantastic smile, wonderful personality and easy to talk to in between. Great time ❤️
  • JP
    Mijn ontmoeting met Nicky was er één die ik niet vergeet. Ze is een hele elegante mooie dame. Leuke gesprekken gehad, je kan met haar over alles hebben. Ze voelde mij precies aan ging daar gelijk op in. Ook tijdens het erotische gedeelte wist ze mij op de juiste gevoelige snaar te raken. Het was een super afspraak en deze gaat een vervolg krijgen.
  • Patrick
    Lieve Camilla, onwijs bedankt voor de onvergetelijke avond! Je bent een prachtige lieve zachte vrouw en knuffelen met jou is het echt super fijn en ontspannend. Je heldere groene ogen en sproetjes zijn betoverend. Ik hoop dat jij net zo genoten hebt van onze spannende en romantische avond. Ik kan niet wachten om je nog eens in mijn armen te sluiten!
  • Jon
    Isabella is een leuke dame en ze kan heel goed masseren. Ik voelde me na haar bezoek helemaal top. Dank je voor de goede service.
  • john
    Eerste date met Isabella gehad. Het profiel en foto's waren veelbelovend, maar Isabella is nog zoveel meer. Een fijne goedlachse mooie blondine, die met haar 2 voetjes goed op de grond staat. Zoals ze zegt wil ze graag een courtisane zijn die geniet van een fijne date en het haar partner zeer aangenaam maakt. Niets is minder waar en nog zoveel meer. Ze is zeer ontwapenend en de 2 uurtjes waren veel te snel voorbij. Behandel deze ruwe diamant met respect en je krijgt een onvergetelijke fijne sensuele tijd. Deze mooie sensuele jonge vrouw brengt je in de zevende hemel. Bedankt lieve schat!
  • A.
    After seeing many of your beautiful ladies, Nina is definitely my favorite. From the moment she walked in, she blew me away with her beauty and class. Never seen a women looking so sexy in heels and suit! Smart, gorgeous and so funny. We going out for dinner next time. Thank you!
  • K.
    Felt natural, like a first date with my new girl friend. Lovely eyes. Sure would like to see her again.
  • Jan
    Een super erotische afspraak met Claire gehad en van deze mooie jonge dame vanaf de kennismaking tot op het moment dat ze vertrok ontzettend genoten. Ze is zeer veelzijdig, open en direct. Ik ga nog een keer met haar afspreken want 3 uur was veel te kort.
  • Tim
    It was truly wonderful to spend time with Nina. She is very beautiful and so easy to talk with. I look forward in spending more time with Nina soon.
  • Jon
    Having seen all the information on the site, I had very high expectations of meeting Ella. Well, what can I tell you? She exceeded all my expectations and provided one of my best experiences in the last 20 years. Stunningly beautiful, very elegant, smart and very very sweet personality. Ella is very passionate, what a workout it was... What makes her so special is that I heard and felt throughout the meeting she was also enjoying each of the 240 minutes. Or she should be nominated as best performing actress for an Oscar.... Thanks Ella, you're very special and I'd love to see you again soon. Thanks Taya and Chris for perfect arrangements.
  • Jan
    Het was een heel bijzondere avond met Camilla, ze is erg lief en je smelt van haar lach. Leuke en interessante gesprekken gehad. Ook de massage was prefect en wat kan ze heerlijk zoenen zeg. Ik ga zeker nog is met deze erotische jonge dame afspreken.
  • Faisal
    I had an outstanding evening with Claire. I initially booked her for 2 hours, but couldn’t resist not adding one more after spending time with her, so I did. As soon as she walked in to my hotel room i got stunned by her beauty. She is intelligent, seductive with a fun youthful attitude. The experience in bed with Claire is just beautiful. I will definitely come back to see her again.
  • Jan
    Ella is een hele mooie dame in alle opzichten. Zeer aantrekkelijk en met een goed gevoel voor humor. Toen we elkaar wat beter kenden, nam de erotische sfeer het snel over en bleek hoe gepassioneerd Ella is. Ik heb erg van haar genoten, ook tijdens de gesprekken en voel ik bij haar het echte gfe effect. Op deze ontmoeting gaat zeker een gevolg komen.
  • David
    Upon arrival, Claire was even more stunning in person than I had imagined. Genuinely warm and kind, she immediately put me at ease. In a short time we formed a meaningful connection, as she made me feel understood, accepted and appreciated. Intimately, she could anticipate my wishes while being incredibly sensitive and responsive. In short, sharing time with Claire was an experience and privilege I never thought possible!
  • J
    I was lucky enough to have two dates with this amazing woman. We talked about music, art and traveling the world. It was like hanging out with an old friend. Later the evening activities were super. She is a beautiful and sexy woman. I look forward to see her again soon!
  • John
    I first met Marielle on a duo date, and she was just incredible. Not only is she intelligent, fun, and big-hearted, but she's also so passionate and made the night a mind-blowing experience. We had an unforgettable time all together, starting with great conversation and plenty of laughs in between. Marielle was so sweet, so sensual, and of course absolutely beautiful. I very much hope to see her again.
  • Anonymous
    I just had a dream come true with Ella. She is absolutely stunning. We started off with a drink and went on to fulfill a roleplay fantasy of mine. She is absolutely amazing.
  • Alex
    Thank you thank you, thank you for Katie. This was the best experience by far! So hope to meet her again! She is the perfect type of girl for me. Until next time. Cheers!
  • Anonymous
    I had a really good time with Camilla. She has a very disarming smile and we had great conversation even before becoming physically intimate. She showed me she could keep up with me in passion and push things to the next level. She left me with a very memorable time and a lingering bliss. I’m really glad I chose to see her!
  • Paul
    I wanted to let you know that I had the best time in a really long time thanks to Nina. Its been a while but she is the kind of girl u keep day dreaming about. Those eyes and lips... I will be back soon and book her longer this time. Thank you!
  • Anonymous
    Nicky was a delight with a warm personality and gorgeous eyes. A real Girlfriend experience and she was happy to please.
  • R
    Claire is sensationally gorgeous and a personality to match. It was an amazing time with her
  • Al
    Regarding my date with Katie, my expectations were exceeded! She was just amazing. Also, a big thank you to you, as she was your suggestion! I would like to say a lot more about her, but I don't think there are enough words to describe exactly how she made me feel :) I just hope she liked it as well. Next time I am booking with you, I will definitely go again for Katie. Anyway, I would like you to give her a big big thank you for this evening on my behalf
  • Rick
    Jasmine is gorgeous, pretty and in great shape. She was a pleasure to be with.
  • P&F (a couple)
    My wife and I wanted to indulge in a threesome. It needed to be slow, gentle, intimate and beautiful. Not cheap, rushed and tacky. This was the first experience of this for my wife and I and we were nervous and didn't know how we would best get what we wanted. The choices were a red light window, a brothel, a cheap escort or an expensive escort agency. We wanted our first experience as a couple experimenting with a woman to be classy, intimate and not feel cheap and nasty. If it went badly it could put us off ever doing this again. We wanted a woman who would be sensual, caring and equally intimate with both of us. We didn't know what to do but looking around the red light district it was clear we would not get what we wanted in the windows. We looked at review after review of brothels, sex clubs and escort agencies and came to the conclusion that the only way we would get an experience that guaranteed we would get the girl we chose and that she would be great for both us was to use a really good agency. We came across Dreams and Desires and they seemed perfect. We found Julia, and as she was a little nearer our age she looked perfect. Her profile told us everything we needed to know. The price initially seemed expensive but we thought that it would be worth it just so that we get what we wanted. Let me say to anyone who questions the price - it is so worth it. The night was one of the best of our lives. With the wrong person it could have gone so wrong and put us off an experimental sex life for ever but it was incredible. The website was great, Chris was very quick to respond to the email enquiry, with a number of options. We were so happy that Julia, our first choice was available. It's a great company to buy from, you get what you ask for, with great customer service. Chris and Taya are doing this right. The best girls, the best service, worth every penny. Julia herself was truly amazing. My wife and I are buzzing after our encounter. We had reservations that there might be jealousy or comparisons but Julia was so caring, beautiful, kind and lovely, she put us completely at ease and my wife got as much out of the experience as I did. Julia makes you feel so special. she kisses so beautifully and her eyes are so kind and happy. When she looks at you, you really feel that she's your girlfriend. She has an amazing body, lovely personality, beautiful face and I think both my wife and I fell a little bit in love with her. The best thing was that we are even closer as a couple having shared this experience. We will be making this a regular event.
  • Patrick
    Katie heeft al mijn verwachtingen overtroffen. Ze is de liefste en mooiste vrouw die ik mij voor een eerste keer had kunnen wensen. We hebben leuke gesprekken gehad en ze heeft mij echt laten ontspannen. Ik heb onwijs genoten van haar prachtige lichaam. De tijd vloog voorbij. Lieve Katie, bedankt voor deze onvergetelijke avond!
  • Julian
    Marielle is really passionate, wonderful smile and you can get lost kissing her. Thank you for making this trip very special to me and maybe we'll see each other some time. Wish you the  best!
  • Julian
    If i have to choose one word from dutch after my trip to Amsterdam it would be "adembenemend". Because that's what a night with Luna and Marielle was. Together they were more i could have imagine. Time just flew and i really had a great time with them.
  • A
    Katie is just a delight to meet. Sweet, smart, sexy and naughty in the best possible way! Hope to have the chance to meet her a couple of hours again some day...
  • Twan
    In een paar woorden!!! Wat een geweldige lieve sensationele super sexy jonge dame. Zo genoten voelde me echt thuis ;-)
  • Max
    I had a lovely time with Camilla. She's also incredibly kind and sweet, and makes for a great conversationalist. I bery much recommend her to everyone
  • Adam (for Camilla and Marielle)
    Thank you again for everything! Camilla and Marielle were beyond incredible! It couldn't have been a more perfect experience! Complete Bliss :)
  • Twan
    God wat een leuke meid kwam daar aangelopen! Samen eerst lekker een prosecco gedronken en elkaar beter leren kennen. Ella bracht de geweldige sfeer heerlijk op één sensationele heerlijk zwoele manier opgang. Heerlijk van haar genoten, ze is echt een aanrader en ga haar zeker nogmaals boeken en wie weet in een combinatie met een andere leuke meid van D&D. Top avond gehad!!
  • Richard
    I had a wonderful time with Claire this evening. She is very sweet and gives the best GFE. She gave a very relaxing message between sessions. She is very intelligent and we had wonderful conversations. The 3 hours with her went totally too fast. I will definitely book Claire again on my next trip to Amsterdam. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed if you make a booking with Claire.
  • Mike
    Luna was a fantastic overnight guest, we had great fun watching some comedy shows, and chatting away in between some amazing sessions. She was fantastic company, and great to cuddle up with after a long day. Many thanks once again for the amazing service you guys keep providing, definitely my goto place to have a great time in Amsterdam.
  • Twan
    Jasmine is een lieve meid die veel intrese toon en veel van haar eigen prijsgeeft. Ze is geduldig en maak je helemaal op je gemak. Mooi meid met een prachtig lichaam en weet je te bespelen. Jasmine ik heb van je genoten doe je echt goed. Wie weet tot snel!
  • Mike (for Jasmine and Luna)
    Many many thanks for arranging last night, and for the recommendations. I had an absolutely amazing time with both Jasmine and Luna. Both girls were very sweet, amazing company and conversion, and dynamite together. definitely a night I'll long remember. I hope both girls enjoyed it as much as I did.
  • John
    I'm still speachless after my duo date with Katie and Nina, which was one of the more incredible experiences of my life. There must be a very real danger of falling in love with Katie. Her huge, beautiful eyes will draw you in and make you think you're the only person in the world. She completely set me at ease and made the evening incredibly fun, but at the same time I was utterly seduced by her aura, her smile, and her incredible body. She's truly the most beautiful woman I've encountered. I hope to see her again, as I'll never be able to get her out of my head. Thank you, Katie, for a magical, lustful, and genuinely fun evening.
  • John
    I first met Nina in a duo with Katie. She immediately gives off an arresting, sultry, movie star beauty, but this is quickly complemented by a fun, down to earth spirit that breaks through all barriers. Or evening together was full of genuine laughs, inside jokes, passionate kisses, and dreamy moments of just staring at her reclined in her stunning lingerie. I want to thank her for a fantastic time I surely won't forget.
  • Matt and Nina (a couple)
    Ella provided a world-class service. My wife and I enjoyed every second of the experience. Thank you.
  • Ad
    Had gister avond een super gfe met Julia, leuk lief en zo heerlijke avond gehad, ben nog steeds aan het genieten. Was een top ervaring met een zeer vrouwelijke en lieve dame.
  • Wen
    I wanted to let you know that I had a heavenly evening with Nina earlier this week. She Is beautiful from both the inside and outside. She took me to heaven and back.....and again!
  • T.
    I had a great time with Katie, the best girl! I will see her again.
  • Dan
    The evening with Camilla was extraordinary. She's some great company: smart, funny and sexy. It all was really beyond any possible expectations.
  • Erik
    My time with Marielle was beyond any expectation! Such a beautiful girl! Perfect body! Silky smooth skin! An out-of-this-world kisser! She was incredibly passionate for our entire date! We even enjoyed a late night walk in the city! Please thank Marielle for an amazing evening! Just incredible!
  • Tom
    I will just tell you, that Christine's visit earlier today was a great succes. She was as Nice as I hoped for.
  • Chris
    Had a brilliant time with Julia, but based on last time that was always likely to be the case :) She is fabulous, looks great, dresses to impress, and has a really fun attitude which makes a great evening.
  • Ted
    Thanks for organizing. I had a wonderful time with Katie! Hope to see her again when I'm in town.
  • Keith
    Thank you for a very nice meeting with Nina! Send her my best wishes and many kisses from me!
  • Jon
    Ik heb echt veel van Jasmine genoten, bedankt voor de service
  • Anonymous
    I had a lovely evening with Camilla. She is very stunning and we had some interesting conversations. She's a mix of sweetness and naughty.
  • Julie (a couple)
    Me and my partner had a fabulous time with Julia. We are both still smiling! She is a sensual lady with a very caring manner making you feel very much at ease to enjoy 😉
  • Kurt
    Would just like to say I was very happy with the visit from Nina yesterday!!
  • Jay
    Veel dank voor het verzorgen van het bezoek van Luna. Het was een zeer prettige date, ik heb boven verwachting genoten en de tijd vloog voorbij. Ik hoop dat Luna ook positief was over mij.
  • Michael
    Katie is now my FAVORITE... great energy, sensuality, intelligence, and funny. Not sure how you screen the talented women you promote, but keep doing whatever you're doing. Until next time, and know my sincerity when I say, you have my gratitude. Wishing you continued success!
  • Al
    Thank you guys! Ivy was amazing
  • Henk
    Nicky is heel leuk en erotisch meisje. Echt top.
  • Jon
    Ik had echt een leuke avond met Katie. Zij is een leuke gesprekspartner en kan ook goed masseren.
  • S. (koppel)
    Julia, wat paste je goed bij ons! Het was heerlijk met jou. We gaan zeker nogmaals met jou afspreken! Veel liefs, S.
  • Bo
    I had so much fun with Nina. This encounter was really amazing. Thank you, and please thank her for me too!
  • Derk
    Het was helemaal top met Jasmine, wat een lieve schat is dat! Dank!
  • Ben (for Alicia and Nina)
    My most wildest night ever. Thank you and please thank Alicia and Nina for me. Good luck in the future!
  • Jon
    Ik had echt de tijd van mijn leven met Nina met haar lekkere borsten mooie bruine ogen en lekkere volle lippen
  • Lucas
    My date with Nina was the best date ever! Didn’t expect such a pretty face, beautiful eyes and most delicious lips. Sexy body and a great mind. And a fun girl to be with, can’t wait to see her again soon.
  • insuredtongue
    Just wanted to let you know that my time with Christine was OFF THE HOOK INCREDIBLE! Visit to the swinger club Fun4Two was tops! Thanks for the great advice!
  • Mark
    Just wanted to tell you guys that I had the time of my life with Nina yesterday.
  • Stan
    Thanks for organizing this amazing date. Christine is such a nice and passionate girl, the best GFE I ever had and a perfect lover at the same time. She made love with me for the full 3 hours in a row, all of a sudden the time was over ..... Please send her my regards, it was wonderful, I am ver keen to see her again at short notice.
  • Peter
    Luna is a beautiful and smart lady. Excellent conversation and sweet companion. Nice body and great kissing, absolutely recommended! All the best for her!
  • Ted
    I just want to drop you a note to say I had an amazing time with Katie and I hope to see her again soon. Thanks for organizing everything. :)
  • Ben
    Just to tell you that we had a wonderful time yesterday evening. I was with Katie and she is amazing ! I cannot wait to come back.
  • Terry
    Saying goodbye to Katie felt like saying goodbye to my girlfriend. I blissfully forgot every stress whilst with her. She's such a marvel to behold, and to hold in my arms. I could stare into those crystal blue eyes forever. I hope I can whisk her away someday on my travels. Thanks for an unforgettable afternoon, Katie! I truly hope we can spend some more time together in the near future. ;)
  • Richard
    I had a fabulous time with Ivy tonight. She is very beautiful and when she arrived I immediately booked a 3rd hour with her as I saw we had an immediate connection. I am glad that I booked the extra hour. Ivy gives a fabulous GFE experience. Her kisses are deep and passionate. The conversations between our serious were great. She is a very intelligent woman and I can say that I will book her for another 3 hours on my next visit to Amsterdam.
  • Marco
    Luna, I had a super date with you. You are pretty and sweet. I like you very much. I am looking forward to see you again.
  • Mark
    Just wanted to thank you for sending Ella. She is beautiful and sweet. I hope I will have a chance of seeing her again very soon.
  • Daniël
    Nina was fantastisch. Erg genoten van haar gezelschap en uiteraard haar heerlijke lichaam. Ze doet echt haar best om je de avond van je leven te bezorgen en slaagt daarin met vlag en wimpel.
  • Anonymous
    Bedankt voor de avond met Nina. Zij is echt een leuke dame. Ik kijk al uit naar de volgende keer
  • James
    What can I say about Katie! From the moment I saw her she took my breath away! She is breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly sexy. The short time we spent together was amazing she is a very passionate person and I truly enjoyed every second! In the more quiet moments when I got to know her more I found her absolutely fascinating and I could of talked to her for hours! My only regret is that I didn’t spend more time with her. I can’t wait to see her again but this time for longer!!
  • Ed
    I had an amazing time with Katie! The three days we spent together were absolutely unbelievable! Katie is stunningly beautiful with the softest skin I've ever touched! She truly enjoys sex and enjoys pampering her guest. She's an amazing kisser! We also had a lot of fun spending time together in the city! She is a really fine conversationalist! My time with her was perfect! I'm anxious to see her again!
  • C.
    Ella is phenomenal, so much more beautiful and funny than expected. Her pictures are enticing but in real life she is so much more than that, alluring, funny, sexy and much more. I had a wonderful, but too short time with her. The in between sessions in the sauna gave us time to recuperate. Regrettably the temperature there was such that my drink evaporated before my eyes :-).
  • Marc
    Ivy has an angelic face, but there’s a very sexy seductress barely concealed. She is a y’all gorgeous Dutch gal whose long legs and supple body I shall remember always. I hope to see her again.
  • Anonymous
    I would absolutely recommend Ella, she truly offers a GFE, is funny and makes you feel very comfortable. On top of that she is really playful and beautiful! Very classy lady!
  • Anonymous
    I had a fantastic night with Ella and I can highly recommend spending a couple of hours with her! She is truly the girl that can fulfill your deepest dreams and desires.
  • Hugo
    I had a great time with Ivy, she made my evening one to remember. Ivy is an educated and smart girl, she has a great personality, a pretty face and a beautiful body. Thanks for arranging this encounter.
  • Sam
    Ella was een top wijf! Gezellig, houdt van normen en waarden, en dat past bij D&D. Stelt zich kwetsbaar op en is open. Geeft de aandacht die hoort bij de situatie en is creatief om te vermaken. Lekker lijf en mooi contact, aanrader!
  • Kees
    Goedemiddag Taya en Chris, Jullie hebben mij wederom heel goed geholpen, mijn dank daarvoor. Ella was echt wonderschoon wat een mooie vrouw om te zien en wat een aardige meid. Ze was lief en grappig, haar lichaam was adembenemend, mooi slank, perfecte borsten en mooie billen. Ella blijft maar in mijn hoofd. Echt een pareltje om te zien. Heb een leuke tijd met haar gehad, soms was het een beetje afwachtend van mijn kant omdat ik mij geen houding wist te geven omdat ze veel mooier en leuker was dan ik mij voor kon stellen. Nogmaals dank voor alles wat jullie hebben gedaan en zal zeker nog keer bij jullie terug komen. Met vriendelijke groeten, Kees
  • Ryan
    Ella is an angel fallen from heaven, you would be very lucky to meet her, she's passionate and intimate and will give you the night of your life.
  • John
    Just wanted to say what a delightful woman Marielle is. She's gorgeous, obviously, but that's not what I mean. She was just lovely company this afternoon, and I'm grateful. Best, John
  • Klaas (for Jill and Sasha)
    Doe de dames de groeten! Het was super!
  • Christopher
    Hi there, Just wanted to let you know that Julia was once more the perfect companion. She is really smart, her look is stunning, her clothing style very elegant and her personality is pure kindness. I really enjoyed every single second while she was with me! Please pass my message on to her. Looking forward to my next booking with Julia! Thanks & Kind regards
  • Carl (for Anna and Ella)
    I just wanted to say thank you very much for offering the Hot Duo service since I had an absolutely wonderful time with Anna and Ella. It all felt very natural and the girls seemed to truly enjoy being with me. Again, thank you very much.
  • John
    Amazing and beautiful girl! Can highly recommend spending a couple of hours with Ella!
  • Steven
    Marielle was amazing. I look forward to the next time i am in town. Send her my best.
  • Chris
    Hi there, Julia is really a true gem and a wonderful companion plus a stunningly sexy and pretty lady. I really enjoyed meeting her - Highly recommended! Also the booking process with your agency was easy and professional. Really good service!
  • Anonymous
    I just wanted to send a note about Marielle. I’m extremely happy with her on the last booking. She didn't go to a swingers club before, but she was willing to go with me as it was my dream to go with a perfect date and she was just perfect. She is sexy and beautiful as usual. This was our first time at the club but we felt like we were really trusted and comfortable with each other. She was always smile, caring, sensitive and asked how i was doing the whole night as i was a bit nervous being there the first time. I’d absolutely love go to the club with her again and miss her smile!
  • Kurt
    Julia is a beautiful woman. She has a great body and her smile can make you melt. I’ll be thinking about our amazing date for a long time, and looking forward to the next one!
  • Kurt
    Had an amazing date with Julia and Isabel, they are both beautiful and sensual, and both have charming personalities. They hadn’t been on a date together before but had great chemistry with each other and with me, and they seemed to enjoy the date as much as I did, although I don’t think that’s possible.
  • Hendrik
    Het was een hele leuke, gezellige en lekkere date met Julia gisteren. Alles zeker naar wens verlopen en voor herhaling vatbaar!
  • MarkP
    I just wanted to share that my experience with Julia was awesome. She takes the definition of escort to the highest level. She is a highly erotic beautiful woman with a wonderful positive personality. She has a great taste for outfits, she wore a beautiful dress and a stunning lingerie with stockings and high heels. She is a wonderful kisser and it was a great pleasure to be with her. It was awesome. Thank you agency.
  • Rick
    Marielle has a stunning body and a pretty face. She is very happy to pamper. I enjoyed her company a lot.
  • Sam
    Marielle is nothing short of the goddess of love. She is full of passion, you wish her kisses don't end. She is just unbelievable! She is absolutely mindblowing and divine.
  • Randy
    Sasha and Marielle are amazing together! They are truly bisexual and give so much fun! Thank you for recommending this hot duo.
  • Steve
    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a beautiful, kind and intelligent woman Marielle is. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and I am truly happy that I was able to meet her. Thanks for arranging it and send her my best.
  • Michael
    I was very satisfied, Marielle is perfect! We had a great conversation, smooth transition to the fun stuff, after that an interesting conversation and then fun stuff again :) Marielle gives a perfect GFE, sensual and hot sex, she is a great kisser and a very interesting person to be with. Marielle gives a very special personal touch, you feel a real connection to her and she is always smiling and happy :) (You will wish that your date was longer!) I would be very happy to meet her again in the future!
  • Jason
    Nora was awesome. We had a lot of great conversations and a super wonderful time! ;-) Never been with a woman this tall. Thank you so much for arranging this date!
  • Mark
    Hi. I just want to say thank you. Pass along to Nora that she made me feel like a million bucks. My date with Nora was amazing. She is not only gorgeous, but also a very nice person. I was very pleased with the quality of your service. Regards, Mark.
  • Anonymous
    Dear Taya and Chris, Thanks you for organizing this great evening. Sasha and Elaine are all what you can dream about. Smart, sensual and so gorgeous, complicity between them is absolutely perfect making their duo unbelievable. I will remember this duo night. Please thank them warmly on my behalf. Thank you very much for the quality of your agncy. I will definitely recommend it. Best regards
  • Lou
    Hi guys, just to thank you for meeting with Nora. Do not hesitate to transmit to her my best wishes. She's absolutely stunning, smart and the rest. I will definitively come back to you, for Her ! Have a nice evening, Lou
  • Nick
    Hi. I had a date with Nora which was quite remarkable. Nora is a playful and a good looking girl. Had a dinner date with her and after a great time in the hotel room. Very enjoyable. See you next time.
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